Being Helpless Does Not Mean They Are To Torture

Do you like to face harassments? Being neglected? Being ill-treated? All of us have some sort of a power to protect ourselves, stand up against such and raise our voices for such. But what about the helpless kids? When they have been harassed by their own families, can they ever seek for help from someone else?

While your kids are enjoying the maximum security and protection from your family, been fed by on time manner, given all the right nutrition and access for healthcare and good education, there are also a set of children who do not get any of this. Even a meal for a day. These kids do not have any to call up for their help. Even their family do not take care of them
You know how much you love your kid. But there are also kids who are looking out for someone to love them and take care of them. When your kids are not feeling alright, you wake up at nights to check up on them, when they don’t feel alright, you come for their rescue, you listen to them, praise them, appreciate them, thank them for their little helps, but there are also kids, who are eagerly waiting until their good times come to them.

Child abuse is not only sexual harassment, but also physical and mental harassment. As their guardians, if you are not giving your child to be benefitted as a kid, to enjoy his or her life as a kid, it means simply harassment.

This has been a serious problem nowadays. Kinship care is an institute formed to identify such kids and help them out to come out their down times. Go right here if you are looking for kinship care.

Foster parents SA is another social forum to rescue the young lives from such disasters. Sometimes, the kids are been lead to dangers from their own parents, their own guardians.

Child harassment is all about not allowing your kid to grow as a kid in child safe environment. Being for a family is not a decision made by the kid.

Every kid have the right to been raised by a safe setup and uplift their lives with love, care and warmth. Kids need security, the care of the parents to figure out their lives, identify their difficulties, understand their capabilities and be useful citizens to serve their country.

If a child is not brought up in the right form, and being given and allowed them the right environment and setup to make their personalities that kid is in a great danger. And also they are a continuous commitment for the society and the nation too.